Trenchless Sewer Repair

Trenchless Sewer Repair Services  

There are exciting new technologies being offered in the sanitary sewage industry and none more exciting than what is termed, ‘trenchless technology’.  Of course, Inland Trenchless is proud to offer Spokane Valley trenchless sewer repair service options for our customers.  

Let’s take a closer look into what is called, ‘trenchless technology’.  

In the past, sewer and waterline repair service required the sewer repair provider to dig the entire pipe out of the ground by using large excavators. In addition, large slabs of concrete had to be jackhammered out of the way and the job site became unusable for the occupants of the home and in many instances, unsafe as well.

Traditional trenching installing residential sewer line. Image courtesy Inland Trenchless of Spokane Washington
Traditional trench digging gets the job done. There are times when trenchless technology is not cost effective or location feasible. In this case, this is a brand new sewer pipe install.

Traditional trench digging gets the job done. There are times when trenchless technology is not cost effective or location feasible. In this case, this is a brand new sewer pipe install.  

The scenario described above, is usually referred to as, ‘traditional trench digging’.  To reiterate, this simply means a trench is dug to gain access to repair or replace the side sewer line, sewer main or waterline etc.  

Note:  Most septic systems have been ‘dug in’ using traditional trenching methods.  

This traditional digging is still in use to today because not all sewer or waterline issues can be solved using trenchless technology.  Your sewer line camera inspection technician will let you know what is the best course of action for your particular situation. Remember, our sewer main inspections are free with every hassle-free sewer repair or waterline bid. 

Inland Trenchless offers hassle-free camera inspections at no charge. Give us a call today at 509-655-3360  

Now, let’s discuss today’s trenchless technology and how it can help you with your sewer or waterline issues.  

There are two main methods used with trenchless technology and will be discussed further below;  

Pipe Bursting and Pipe Relining.  (CIPP).  

The first is a method referred to as pipe bursting.  This method entails digging a small hole at each end of the intended repair or replacement section(s) of sewer line.  At one end, a cable is fished through the existing sewer line until the cable comes out the other end.  After this is completed, the cable is attached to what is called a burst head.  This burst head is what is going to draw the new pipe and at the same time, ‘burst’ the old pipe out of the way.  It does this with a power pack and continual monitoring of the pipe being burst out of the way for the new pipe.  Once the new pipe is in place, the cable and burst head are removed and the new line is hooked up in place of the old sewer line.  

Here are some pictures to more clearly show the method being described.

Pipe burst technology being employed by Inland Trenchless, a sewer repair company.
Installing new sewer line using pipe bursting technology to replace customers failing sewer line. Notice there is only a hole and not a trenched up yard and ripped up concrete?

Installing new sewer line using pipe bursting technology to replace customers failing sewer line. Notice there is only a hole and not a trenched up yard?  

 Pipe bursting has many advantages and some disadvantages compared to traditional trenching and other new trench technologies, i.e., (CIPP), Cured-In Place-Pipe.    

Advantages:  Many advantages are offered using the pipe bursting methods described as trenchless sewer repair.  One such advantage is the ability to replace the damaged line under concrete slabs, basement floors and brick walkways without having to trench through these areas, thus saving the building owner thousands of dollars.

Pipe burst sewer repair technology used in busy auto repair shop. Image courtesy of Inland Trenchless of Spokane Washington
Pipe bursting sewer repair in busy auto repair shop. Could you imagine digging up the concrete floor in this business?

Pipe bursting sewer repair in busy auto repair shop. Without the trenchless technology used in the photo above, the shop would have had to contend with an unimaginable mess. Could you imagine digging up the concrete floor in this business? 

Pipe bursting sewer repair in busy auto repair shop. Could you imagine digging up the concrete floor in this business?  

Another scenario would be replacing sewer lines under landscaping that the homeowner does not want disturbed.  Could you imagine tearing up hillside terraced gardens?  This is where pipe bursting can be a great asset to the homeowner looking for sewer repair without ruining years of hard work, establishing lush gardens and pool areas.  

Other likely scenarios involve areas where there simply isn’t the room for excavating equipment between houses, or finished basements etc.  Possible cost savings can, and have, run into the tens of thousands of dollars in many instances because trenchless technology’s were used.  

NOTE: The reader should note this is by no means an exhaustive list and therefore should perform due diligence when researching trenchless technologies.  Swanson Holdings, Inc. DBA Inland Trenchless bears no responsibility for any actions taken by others and assumes no liability for actions taken by others.  The user must assume full responsibility for their actions or the user must leave this site immediately.  

Disadvantages:  There are several disadvantages when using pipe bursting technologies.  One important disadvantage are sags or belly’s in the existing line.  You wouldn’t think this would matter, but it does. The reason it matters is because pipe bursting follows the existing sewer line.  So wherever the old line was placed, the new line takes the place of the old line.  These belly’s or sags are a major hindrance when using these pipe bursting methods. This is because water and solids collect and settle in these belly’s and eventually cause clogs in the sewer line.  

NOTE:  Some municipalities force the sewer repair contractor to have the property owner sign a ‘belly agreement’ so the customer is aware that these belly’s could exist in their side sewer.  

Correct interpretation of the sewer line camera inspection is key when determining issues and will reveal problem areas in your sewer line. Your sewer line inspection technician will be happy to go over the inspection with you and answer and questions you may have.  At this time the technician will also discuss possible remedy’s concerning your sewer line and what other possible trenchless sewer repair solutions exist.

Pipe bursting technology still takes some room to install. Careful consideration of the location of other utilities is of upmost importance when choosing where to 'pigeon hole' for a new sewer line.
Even with trenchless digging, room is still needed when installing a new side sewer. Call Inland Trenchless and we can go over your available options.

Other disadvantages include having to dig holes at the entry and exit points of where the pipe is burst.  Essentially, the new pipe is going to take the place of the original sewer pipe and normally starts and ends where the existing pipe starts and ends. This can be problematic because not every home has the room to use this method or the method requires a portion of the home to be stripped of finished coverings, such as expensive flooring.  Normally this can be reduced as the trenchless sewer repair company can find another area to place the burst equipment.  There is another trenchless technology called CIPP, or cured-in-place-pipe, or pipe relining.  

Sewer Pipe Lining and Trenchless Sewer Repair  

The other common trenchless technology we will discuss is commonly referred to as pipe lining or pipe relining.  This method is also sometimes referred to as CIPP, or cured-in-place-pipe.  Whatever names are used to describe this trenchless technology, the new sewer pipe is a cloth fabric that is saturated with an epoxy resin and is ‘cured in place’. 

Comparison of PVC and CIPP samples shown to homeowners
Photo shows sample pieces of sewer pipe shown to homeowners to describe different types of sewer pipes

The above screenshot was taken by a crew member of Inland Trenchless used for social media. Notice the thickness comparison between the cured pipe and PVC.  

The epoxy saturated fabric is ‘shot’ into the sewer line under air pressure.  Then the newly shot line is cured in place either by light or by the use of hot water. (Either way is fine, the end result is what counts, that being your sewer line being cured).    

Your existing sewer line is still used and the liner is simply cured inside of this line.  It is this very aspect of using the existing sewer line that can be a blessing or a curse.    

Careful interpretation of your camera sewer line inspection will reveal most issues encountered with your particular situation. The advantages and disadvantages are further discussed below.    

Advantages of Relining of Pipes in Sewer Pipe Repair and Replacement

Utilizing cleanout in basement to install new sewer liner in customers home.
Fast and affordable! Inland Trenchless can solve your sewer pipe issues fast with an affordable cured sewer pipe. Call us today!

Obvious advantages of relining sewer pipes include keeping the existing sewer line in place.  This important because in many cases easily accessible cleanouts can be used as the entry point for sewer pipe reline work.  No digging of your basement or floor is needed as the liner is shot through the existing line through the cleanout or other accessible point.  Sometimes a small hole is dug in the yard if the problem area is found to be outside of the home.  This can also be the case when the complete sewer line does not need to be replaced.  All of this is determined by the competent interpretation of the sewer line camera inspection.   

Ask your sewer camera inspection tech. for more information that can help you make a more informed decision.  After all, this is an investment for your home.   

A great asset of using cured-in-place-pipe trenchless technology is the ability to be forward thinking about your sewer lines.  Some people get potential problems out of the way before those issues become burdensome.  This is a great way to plan ahead before the future sale of a home since many sales are hinged upon property condition reports and passing home inspections.  This may include questions about the condition of the sewer lines on the property.   

David Pettis
David Pettis
I wish that I would have started with these guys! After weeks of a really crappy situation, I reached out to Inland Trenchless to replace my collapsed sewer line. Our house had Orangeburg piping that had finally decided that it had had enough. The online appointment process was quick and easy to set up. Eric @ Inland Trenchless responded almost immediately and was able to give me a detailed quote within hours of my initial request. Their pricing was excellent as well. They were able to begin work the next day, and my sewer line was repaired that same day. Eric and his team showed up promptly and worked diligently throughout the day. They had all of the tools needed to excavate and replace the damaged pipe with minimal damage to my lawn. The pipe bursting technique was great. It saved me thousands of dollars’ worth of concrete work by being able to replace sewer pipe that was underneath a driveway. The attention to detail that Inland Trenchless showed with the backfilling was top notch. Again, they took great care to minimize the damage to the lawn and to leave the jobsite in much better shape than when they showed up. I can’t recommend Inland Trenchless enough. Definitely give them a call if you need any sewer pipe work done. I’d give them ten stars if I could!
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Annie Gillette
I wish I could make it ten stars! I can't speak highly enough about them. Eric showed up for us and was kind, generous, and incredibly thoughtful throughout. He did awesome work and set us up to be good to go for years. He is easily my go to for any potential plumbing needs and I would recommend to anyone!
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Courtney Davis
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Denise Teeples
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Allen Eveland
Eric with Inland Trenchless was very easy to work with. He was very thorough and well prepared, the groundwork after he was finished is very expectable. I will just plant some grass seed and you will never know in a month that we had or sewer line sleeved. Thank you again Eric and Inland Trenchless!
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Griffin Rice
Just finished up getting a trenchless sewer pipe done by Eric and his team, and have had nothing but a positive experience. Eric was responsive throughout the entire process and got the job done in a timely manner. After getting multiple quotes from around town, Eric at Inland Trenchless by far offered the most competitive rate. Not only was it a great price and done in a timely manner, but also a quality job done by the crew. Couldnt recommend them enough.
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Nick Grow
Eric and his crew were great. Professional, very competitively priced (I got 5 bids for this job), and good communication. When our sewer drain failed, they squeezed us in before snow came (mid-Jan '24) and got us out of trouble. 10/10. I have already and will continue to recommend Inland Trenchless.
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Michelle Harmon
Was looking for other bids to do a trenchless relining of my sewer pipes, as one company quoted an astronomical number. I found Inland Trenchless. Eric responded right away and quoted me a much more affordable price. I was lucky enough that another of their jobs got pushed back, so they were able to start right away and finished in about 2 days! From quote to finish, all done in less than a week! Quality, friendly, affordable work! I would highly recommend Inland Trenchless to others! Thank you, Inland Trenchless!
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Michael Foster
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tyler york
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