Trenchless Water Repair

Spokane Valley’s Trenchless Water Repair

Trenchless water repair is now available to the Spokane Valley and these services are offered at very affordable pricing.

Why should the homeowner need to have their waterlines repaired or replaced?  You may be noticing a drop in your water pressure or your water bill may show increasing water usage. 

There are several reasons why property owners should be looking at repair or replacement of incoming water service lines.  These issues have to do with aging of the water pipes themselves and how these aging pipes effect your water service.

Corrosion, Rusting and Internal Sanding of Water Pipes

Corrosion and rusting in galvanized waterlines is an ongoing concern as these pipes are corroding from the inside-outward.  These corrosion issues show when the pipe is pulled from the homeowners yard.  The pipe shows pinholes in the length of the water pipe.  Also, rusting from the interior walls of the galvanized water pipes occurs, sometimes completely clogging the pipe shut.  Pictured below are various examples of galvanized water pipes with pinholes.

Pictured is a piece of galvanized pipe pulled from homeowners yard.
Rusty and full of pinholes, this corroded galvanized pipe was the cause for leaks and lower water pressure.
Corroded water pipes show typical pinhole leaks from galvanized pipes.
Pinhole leaks in galvanized pipe as discussed in the informative article regarding water pipe issues facing homeowner’s.

The same issues can effect copper waterlines, except that small particles within the flowing water sand the interior walls of the copper pipe until pinholes start to develop.  Sometimes these copper lines will leak in crawl spaces and in basements.  Unfortunately, once these pinholes start to develop, these pinholes will develop at a much more rapid rate along the water pipe.  Spot repairs or  ‘band-aid-type’ repairs are sometimes used as a fast emergency fix, but further repairs are usually needed for reliable water service in the near future.

New poly waterline service for homeowner in Washington State
New and modern poly water pipe installed using trenchless waterline pulling method. This method is fast and affordable for the property owner.
Another waterline installation done quickly without undue stress to homeowners.
New waterline service installed fast and affordable for the homeowner.
Newly installed residential water service installed by water service contractor in Eastern Washington
Newly installed water service installed by trenchless water pulling. Fast and affordable for residents of Spokane Valley.